how to stop shiny object syndrome and focus on one thing

Funny thing – I WAS ALSO trying to decide of the program was for ME! So I took the opportunity to use my own process of deciding was it a distraction or not (and helping my client) and face the Shiny Object directly. In this episode we talk about: 3 ways shiny object syndrome can crop up in your average day as an online entrepreneur · There is always more to do, and when you work remotely, there is no one to tell you to go home or that the office is closing, so it has to be YOU who decides when to stop. You have to decide that the rest of your life is worth making space for, and not let work take over that time. · One of the unusual abilities that aspies have is "Hyper-Focus. Like all aspie traits, hyperfocus is a double-edged sword. Like all aspie traits, hyperfocus is a double-edged sword. On the one hand when combined with the special interest and aspie long-term memory, it is responsible for the genius label as it applies to apsies.As entrepreneurs, we tend to focus on and glorify the biggest successes in our. Working in months will help you to overcome "shiny object syndrome" and keep you from bouncing from opportunity to.

This video,, can also be seen at often, businesses fall victim to the shiny object syndrome. focus your marketing spending to see the biggest ROI. In other words, monitoring your metrics regularly takes away the guesswork and.One of the top reasons that people struggle is to a lack of focus, or shiny object syndrome. Unfortunately, I’m not perfect either. Even with a successful business, it’s very difficult for me to focus on just one business venture at a time.Focus On What Matters: How to Beat "Shiny Object Syndrome". And the thing that I found is the more you focus on the one thing that you’re working on right now, even if that there might be a better or different opportunity out there, staying focused on the one that you’re working on.The left path takes you into this darkness and what seems to be a horrifying jungle where pain and horror await and the right one. team’s focus in check. Otherwise, it’s effortless to jump between.