Consumer Product Liability in Houston

“Specifically, this investment is serving the Zambian population by offering competitive and affordable fast moving consumer. products,” added ms. nelund. About TriLinc Global Impact Fund TGIF is a.The play spaces won’t be stores – although each location will have a small gift shop – but toy manufacturers will have.Pierce Adkins is one of the top rated Products Liability attorneys in Houston, TX. He has met the stringent Super Lawyers selection criteria.While Lightfoot routinely resolves product liability claims quickly and quietly out of court, our team of lawyers has the skills and experience to take a case to trial, when needed. We have a long track record of winning high-profile product liability cases involving complex technical, scientific and medical issues.Liability for defects will be determined by the chain of commerce as the faulty product passes from the maker to the consumer. There are two main categories of product liability law that our Houston personal injury attorneys specialize in: defective products and pharmaceutical liability.Texas product liability basics. Product liability in Texas is a strict liability offense. This means that negligence does not matter. If there is a defect in the product and the product led to harm, the defendant is liable. This is based upon Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Chapter 82. The three types of product defects recognized under.Longview product liability lawyers Every day, we use manufactured goods for nutrition, recreation, transportation, medical treatment and just about everything else imaginable. We expect these products to be safe and effective – but as you may now realize from your own experience, that is not always the case.If you have been injured, consult with an experienced products liability attorney from Laminack, Pirtle & Martines in Houston, Texas, to discuss your options. The federal government regulates some aspects of consumer product safety, but the laws affecting products liability litigation exist at the state level.If the product has been distributed without sufficient instructions and warnings, a product liability claim may be applicable. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide warnings for clear dangers, as well as hidden ones. Likewise, it is the consumer’s responsibility to follow the directions and warnings.